Assets and Location

Assets for your business

You can get started immediately

Plug & play! All utilities are present:

  • Computer floor
  • Wiring and cabling
  • Heating & ventilation
  • Telephone and internet connection
  • Server room with adjusted air conditioning
  • Videophone
  • Filing cabinets
  • Additional storage space in the cellar
  • Air conditioning
  • Sun blinds
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Kitchenette

Additional services are within easy reach

Hungry? Need to run some errands? Near Jet Center you can find:

  • Delicious sandwich bars
  • Supermarket
  • Baker’s shop
  • Butcher’s shop
  • Petrol station
  • Chemist’s shop

Your focus on your business

Jet Center takes care of your office:

  • Your customers are welcomed at the entrance : personalised name plate, videophone and mailbox
  • Your image in the spotlight: business name and logo on flags adorning the flagpoles and in front of the window
  • Possibility to put your own advertising banner in front of the window
  • Possibility to make use of common secretarial and accounting services
  • Quick interventions and repairs thanks to direct contact with the owners: always present in the building during office hours
  • Continuous attention to your comfort: high ceilings, lots of natural light, excellent acoustic insulation
  • Your safety first: fire detection systems
  • Personalised access control with badge
  • Suitable for companies and liberal professions
  • Well-maintained sanitary facilities on each floor
  • A clean environment: Jet Center takes care of the maintenance of lifts, hallways and windows and the collection of collective waste containers
  • No property management costs

Jet Center easily accesible

All roads lead to Jet Center Ostend

The business centre is centrally located: nest to the Kennedy roundabout, where all main roads to Ostend come together, at the end of E40 – A10 motorway.

Parking facilities

You can easily park your car in one of the above-ground or underground parking spaces.

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